Aporía by Andrew Waits

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Winner of Fiebre Photobook Dummy Award 2018

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Fiebre Photobook Barcelona 2019
Fiebre Photobook Barcelona 2019

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Fiebre Dummy Award 2018 Andrew Waits
Fiebre Dummy Award 2018 Andrew Waits

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Fiebre Dummy Award 2018 Andrew Waits
Fiebre Dummy Award 2018 Andrew Waits

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Fiebre Photobook Barcelona 2019
Fiebre Photobook Barcelona 2019

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Andrew Waits, winner of third edition.

In APORIA, photographer Andrew Waits addresses the phenomenon of rapid growth being experienced in many urban locations around the world. A desire to explore the underpinnings of a rapidly changing environment, and how it

demonstrates itself on one’s psyche, is at the core of this work. APORIA is the culmination of this effort, a dreamlike narrative pieced together from the observed landscape.

APORIA does not presume to answer questions regarding the ills of the urban development. It rather presents a fictional narrative in an effort to approach a feeling that something is amiss. There is a limit to what can be observed in an environment so deeply woven with complexity. As Waits has said, “For the most part, we are disconnected from the underlying mechanisms of the system in which we live. APORIA attempts to highlight this disconnect and struggle for understanding and connection. Perhaps in doing so, it can provide a brief glimpse into what lies underneath the system where the collective psyche of a population finds its covert habitation.”


Andrew Waits (b. 1983) is a native of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. He studied Political Science and Communications at the University of Washington and recently completed his MFA in photography at the University of Hartford. His first body of work, Boondock, dealt with the ways in which survival dictates fluidity of location, interconnectivity, and the concept of home. His new book, Aporia, addresses rapid urbanization and how it manifests itself in the physical environment and latent psychology of a population. The maquette for Aporia was awarded the 2018 Fiebre Dummy Award. He currently resides in Oakland, California.

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ISBN 978-84-09-06218-8

Dalpine/Fiebre Photobook, 2018

Design: Aaron Bloom

Prepress: La Troupe

Printed by Artes Gráficas Palermo

Hardcover with a tipped-in-image

112 pages

32 x 23,5 cm

First edition of 500 copies


Interview with the author in Humble Arts Foundation.

Interview with the author in AmericanSuburbX.

Interview with the author in Urbanautica.

Sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo

Co-edited with Dalpine

In collaboration with La Troupe

Fiebre Photobook organization team is please to announce the winning dummy of our call for the publication of a photobook sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo, co-edited with Dalpine, and pre-press by La Troupe

APORIA by Andrew Waits

As a result of the prize, we will publish 500 copies of this dummy and we will take care of the expenses of adjustments, prepress, printing, distribution management, promotion, presence in international festivals, as well as outstanding bookstores and libraries.

The international jury has been composed of:

  • Katja Stuke: Photographer and curator

  • Larissa Leclair: Founder, Indie Photobook Library (Washington, DC)

  • Sebastian Arthur Hau: Independent editor, curator and art director of Polycopies and Cosmos

  • Misha Kominek: Photographer, gallery owner and publisher

  • Sonia Berger: Editor and curator at Dalpine

  • Fosi Vegue: Photographer and editor

  • Víctor Garrido: Photographer and prepress technician

  • Miguel Ángel Esteban: Director of Artes Gráficas Palermo


The exhibition of the 10 finalist dummies was part of Fiebre Photobook Festival 2018, in Madrid, composed of:

  • Alfonso Moral with Fenicia: Catálogo Irracional

  • Andrew Waits with APORIA

  • Carlos Chavarría with Façade

  • Jaime Permuth with The Street Becomes

  • Kevin Kunstadt with ONE–CAR–BAZAAR

  • Kristin Trüb with Hi Zahid, this is Kristin

  • Martina Zanin with I made them run away 

  • Maya Meissner with The Cedar Lodge

  • Pietro Paolini with Buscando a Bolivar

  • Yuki Furusawa with Things About My Mom and Me