Dummy Review 2019

(Closed call)

Dummy Review Fiebre 2019, open to participants of all ages and nationality, with projects in dummy form, as close as possible to it´s publication.


Practical data

Place: Exhibition Hall of El Águila, Calle Ramírez de Prado, 3, Madrid

Date: Friday, October 24, 2019

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Available places: Maximum 12

Price: € 20 registration (only selected)

Requirements: Photobook mockup PDF in advanced development process, next to publication.

Operation: Visited in 8 turns that changes every 20 minutes.



Closing call: September 24th

Selection announcement: October 4th


2019 viewers

Valentina Abenavoli - AkinaBooks

Sonia Berger - Dalpine

Tiffany Jones - Overlapse

Paco Gómez - Fracaso Books

Adriana Monsalve & Caterina Ragg - Homie House Press

Tommaso Parrillo - Witty Kiwi

Grzegorz Kosmala & Aneta Kowalczyk - BLOW UP PRESS

Tono Arias - Dispara Xestión Cultural

Aitana Tubío y Jesús Caballero Varela - BANCO Editorial

Federico Paladino - La Balsa Editora

Semíramis González - Ferias JUSTMAD y JUSTLX

Isabel Lázaro - Art Photo Bcn

Alberto Salván - Tres Tipos Gráficos

Miguel Angel Esteban - Artes Gráficas Palermo

Gustavo Alemán - Fuego Books

XYZ Lisboa

Roberto Villalón - Clavoardiendo


Rubén García-Castro - La Troupe

Gonzalo Hernández y Víctor Garrido - La Troupe

Conditions of participation

Open to participants of all ages and nationality, with projects in dummy form, as close as possible to it´s publication.


To participate you must send a PDF of photobook dummy (max. 10mb).


You can submit as many projects as you want per participant for free.


The selected participants must pay a € 20 registration fee to participate in the review. This registration must only be paid if they are selected.


The selection will be carried out by the Festival organization among all the proposals received, giving priority to quality work and development closer to its publication. Those works that are not selected will be in a waiting list in case of cancelations.


The choice of viewers will be by order of registration and in coordination with the Festival organization, according to each participant's preference list and based on the availability of the viewers.


After the review, all participants are invited to a networking lunch in charge of the Festival.



* Call organized thanks to public financial help from the Community of Madrid, Ministry of Culture and Spanish Cultural Action.