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The 2nd edition of Fiebre Dummy Award is already open

We are aware of the difficulties, both economic and of distribution, involved in the production of photobooks. That is why the Fiebre Photobook team, composed by the members of Blank Paper School and MOB, are launching the second edition of Fiebre Dummy Award, with the aim of making the winning proposal into a photobook.

This year's edition, sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo, comes with two great novelties: the co-edition by Dalpine, and the collaboration of La Troupe in the pre-press process. Our purpose is to work with best professionals in order to obtain the best possible result in the edition, production, pre-press, distribution and communication of the book.

To participate enter here. Download the press release here.


eden by Bernardita Morello

Bernardita Morello, the winner of the first edition of Fiebre Dummy Award, explain us in this video her project eden and her creative process.

You can buy here. Thank you and good luck!

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