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Fiebre Dummy Award 2017 10 finalists

Fiebre Photobook organization team is please to announce the 10 finalists of our call for entries to publish a photobook sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo, co-edited with Dalpine, in collaboration with La Troupe, a Blank Paper School and MOB production.

These are the selected dummies in alphabetical order:

  • Alex Kemman, Whispers of War

  • Alfonso Moral Rodríguez, Cero

  • Ekaterina Solovieva, The Earth´s circle. Kolodozero

  • Hiroshi Okamoto, We do not need you, here. / If I could only fly.

  • José Luis Cuevas, Observaciones sobre la resistencia de los cuerpos

  • María Rojas Capapey, LogIn

  • Nacho Caravia, Mamá

  • Olga Bushkova, A Google Wife

  • Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, Lucía

  • Terje Abusdal, Slash & Burn

Some data

We announce the call for entries officially during last edition of Fiebre Photobook Festival, on December 17th, 2016, with the publishing and launching of the guidelines, on our social media networks and live in the Festival venue.

A total of 98 applications have arrived within the term and fulfilling the complete bases. Almost 30% of participants, of a total of 98 dummies, presented their inscription on the last day, on March 10, and 50% the last two days.

About 34% were participants from Spain, 66% from outside Spain. By continent, the most represented has been Europe, with 70%, followed by America with 19% and 10% of Asia. No entries came from Africa or Oceania.

By countries, excluding Spain, the most represented are Italy with 8 participants, USA with 7, Germany and Japan with 5, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Switzerland and the Netherlands with 4.

Participants and jury by gender

There is a total of 104 people participating out of 98 entries, as several entries are composed of more than one person, in a proportion of 48/56 between men and women, makes 46% of men, and 53% of women.

After the selection, the percentage among finalists varies at a ratio of 7/3, 70% men, 30% women.

Once we had the selection of 10 finalists, we have requested their printed dummies, and having already confirmed that they are sending them, we will proceed to the selection of a winning project, and we will announce, if nothing prevents us, on April 6.

More info about Fiebre Dummy Award here.

Thank you very much!

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