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Winner of Fiebre Dummy Award

Olga Bushkova Fiebre Dummy Award 2017

Fiebre Photobook organization team is pleased to announce the winning dummy of our call for the publication of a photobook sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo, co-edited with Dalpine, in collaboration with La Troupe, in a project by Blank Paper School and MOB.

After a difficult deliberation by the international jury, due to the great level of projects presented, we decided to give the Fiebre Dummy Award 2017 to

A Google Wife by Olga Bushkova

As a result of the prize, we will publish 500 copies of this dummy and we will take care of the expenses of adjustments, prepress, printing, distribution management, promotion, presence in international festivals, as well as outstanding bookstores and libraries.

From the jury's decision we highlight these words that summarize some reasons for the choice of this dummy:

"It's a risky job from the editorial point of view, it's brilliant how it addresses issues such as the role of large companies in the good work-life balance of their employees, the feminist review of the role of women in the professional context and the treatment of the laws on labor permits for foreigners. All this from a tremendously empathetic personal speech full of details that only appear after an in-depth look at it."

The international jury has been composed of:

Erik Kessels (Visual artist)

Christian Patterson (Photographer)

Olga Yatskevich (10x10 Photobooks)

Colin Pantall (Photographer)

Oliver Whitehead (Curator)

Fosi Vegue (Blank Paper School)

Sonia Berger (Dalpine)

Miren Pastor (Fiebre Photobook)

Víctor Garrido (La Troupe)

Miguel Ángel Esteban (Artes Gráficas Palermo)

Congratulations to the winner as well as to all participants and finalists!

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