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Book Market Call is Open!

Fiebre Photobook 2017

Fiebre Photobook Festival is back, on its fifth edition, the third one at Casa del Lector (Reader's House) in Matadero Madrid, on 15 and 16 December2017. And as usual, we open a call to participate in the Book Market. We are maintaining prices and schedules, and we have a big change in the area of ​​the stands, which for this edition will have a wider distribution in the central area of ​​Casa del Lector, in which you will able to see publishers from around the world. And we expand the space to the first floor, where you can see our section Autopublicantes for artists with self-published publications. In addition, we can already advance that this year we have the exhibition of Ibero-American Photobooks from the Lisbon's Photobook Fair, that can be seen on the first floor. Soon we will have more news about programming, with talks, workshops, our portfolio reviews Vis a Vis, a new BookJockey installation, the launching of our Dummy Award 2017 and more activities around the photobook. For now, if you have an editorial or a publication to sell, the call for the Book Market is now open, here. And if you do not know our Festival, here you can see what was the 2016 programming, the Vis a Vis, the Dummy Award and the Book Market.

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