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This was the 7th edition of FIEBRE Photobook Festival

From the organization team of Fiebre we want to thank all the people who have made the seventh edition the best of the editions!

Thanks to the support of the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Spanish Cultural Action Program (AC/E) for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE). Thanks to the sponsorship of Graphic Arts Palermo, Fotocasión, Canon and Profoto. Thanks to the collaboration of Dalpine, La Troupe, Art Photo BCN, IN-Sonora and Tres Tipos Gráficos. Thanks to the Media Partners Clavoardiendo, Albedomedia, Gràffica and Spainmedia and other medias that have echoed the festival as Arteinformado, CurturPlaza, Versopolis, XatakaFoto, LeCool, Ojo de Pez in Radio Círculo or Exit Express.

Thank you to the participants and to all the professionals for your great involvement: to Fosi Vegue, Alberto Salván, Sonia Berger and Víctor Garrido for Fiebre LAB; to the 20 reviewers; to Valentina Abenavoli for the workshop and the talk; to Javier Cortés for the presentation; Gabriela Cendoya, Juan Cirés and Aránzazu San Ginés for the BookJockey; Semiramis González, Marta Dehesa, Cristóbal Hara and Daniel Mayrit to give shape to the needed Professional Meeting; to Gonzalo Golpe and Ricardo Baez for their talk; to Ángela Losa and Altura Projects for the workshop for families MACEDONIA; the the team of the photocall between Canon, Profoto and Fotocasión and to BuPaper, for creating a giant pill under the medical prescription.

We want to thank especially the team of the Association of Friends of Eloi Gimeno for organizing this great homage to our friend, for all the help in the event and the realization of the exhibition.

Thank you from the deepest of our heart to all the production team formed by Carol Caicedo, Gracia Leceta, Anaïs Benavente, Paula Artés, Julio Cubillos and Ander Pastor, for giving everything and participating in this special edition, and also to La Famosa Productora, for documenting each instant with great sensitivity. And, of course, to this great faithful community around the photobook, without which this meeting would not be possible ❤️

Could you help us improve? In case you have attended this edition we appreciate if you can fill in the following survey. Thank you so much!

Photographs: La Famosa Productora

Design: Tres Tipos Gráficos

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