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Fiebre Dummy Award 2020 Shortlist

The jury of the fifth edition of the Fiebre Dummy Award, composed by Alejandro Cartagena (photographer and editor), Verónica Fieiras (publisher at CHACO), Isabel Lázaro (curator and director at Art Photo Bcn), Juan Orrantia (Fiebre Dummy Award 2019 winner), Sonia Berger (curator and publisher at Dalpine), Fosi Vegue (photographer and editor), Víctor Garrido (photographer and prepress at La Troupe) and Miguel Ángel Esteban (director at Artes Gráficas Palermo), have selected the following finalists, in alphabetical order:

  • Alex Blanco - Meat, Fish and Aubergine Caviar

  • Blanca Munt Aguilar - Alerta Mira-sol

  • Diana Karklin - Undo Motherhood

  • Iacopo Pasqui - N

  • Jenica Heintzelman - Down a Stream

  • Lucía Antebi Arno - Eva

  • Lukas Ratius - Der Apparat

  • Moe Suzuki - Sokohi

  • Pedro Duarte Guimaraes - Rato Tesoura Pistola

  • Stephanie Lamoline - Quatre Mains / Zonder Handen

Congratulations to the finalists! And thank you very much to the members of the jury for your commitment to the award as well as all the participants, especially in such complicated circumstances.

This call is sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo. The winning proposal will be co-edited with Dalpine, while La Troupe will be in charge of the prepress process and the book launching will be in collaboration with Art Photo Bcn.

We will open soon the voting for the Public Prize and the announcement of the winning dummy will take place during Fiebre Photobook Online 2020.

Fiebre Dummy Award 2020 participation data

Here you have some participation data for this year:

In the 5th edition of the Fiebre Dummy Award we have received a total of 233 entries (142 were received in the 4th edition, 128 in the 3rd, 98 in the 2nd and and 36 in the 1st).

Of those received this year, 122 have opted to submit the form in English and 111 in Spanish. Finally 227 proposals have entered the contest (there are 6 disqualifications for breaching the minimum requirements).

Fourth Fiebre Dummy Award by country

We have received proposals from more than 35 countries, with the highest enrollment percentage corresponding to Spain (35.3%), followed by Italy (9.2%), Mexico (6.4%) and the USA, Germany and France (5%).

By gender, 50.9% declare themselves men, 44% women and 5% prefer not to say so.

Fourth Fiebre Dummy award by gender
School of photobooks at fiebre dummy award 2019

We have asked for the first time about the schools where the participants have been trained, and the answers highlight the self-taught training, University and several Academies, followed by private schools such as Blank Paper, IEFC, Lens, IEFC, ICP...

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