Sybren Kuyper
Laura el Tantawy
Taller con Isabel Zambelli
Taller Autofanzine
taller con equipo A 2016
taller con Virginia de Diego 2016
taller con Photobook club Madrid 2016
taller con Ángela Losa 2016
Erik Kessels

Photobook Workshops

In Fiebre Photobook we offer workshops related to photobooks for all kind of public.

Since 2015 we have developed workshops for editing, binding, screen printing, graphic design, etc. With industry professionals like Valentina Abenavoli (Akina books), Tiffany Jones (Overlapse) Erik Kessels, Laura El Tantawy, Sybren Kuyper (SYB), Fosi Vegue, Altura Projects, Ángela Losa, Alejandro Marote, Isabel Zambelli, Julio Cubillos, Virginia de Diego or The Photobook Club Madrid.

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